One of the biggest projects a golf course has is spreading fertilizer.  If your course is like most, you have multiple employees spending numerous days completing this important task.

Using current methods, such as  vehicle-mounted pendulum type or pull-behind spreaders, is a time consuming and tedious job.  Their small capacity warrants many refills, and wasted energy.

Technology is taking fertilization to a new level.  Capable of extreme accuracy and efficiency, the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) network has found a great application in the agriculture industry.  A  specialized spreader mounted on a chassis, with high flotation turf tires and variable rate controller, allows precise spreading.

The narrow window of opportunity for spreading pre-emergent is an important consideration.  TTS can help assure this is accomplished within that time frame.

The cost of this service is very inexpensive. When compared to man hours spent, equipment wear and tear, planning around your patrons, and other duties being delayed, TTS may actually reduce your costs.

This new method of fertilization has become one of the most sought after services in the market, and is being widely used at courses in other areas around the country.

Let us help make your course the best it can be.

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